Hearing Loss Treatment Options

Hearing loss occurs when one or more parts of the ear or both ears feel uncomfortable. A person who has lost hearing may or may not be able to hear some types of sounds. These words are commonly used for hearing loss, such as deaf, deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing loss is actually a condition in which the ability to pick up specific sound frequencies is partially or partially impaired. There are many options for treating hearing loss detailed below.


Initial treatment


·         If there is a slight ear infection, such as a middle ear infection, most will go away on their own, but sometimes antibiotics may be needed.

·         If there is an injury to the ear or head, it may heal on its own, but sometimes it may need surgery.

·         In the event of diseases such as otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma or Minear's disease, medications or surgery may be required.

·         If there is a problem with autoimmunity, it can be treated with corticosteroid drugs, usually prednisone.

·         Earwax is treated simply by removing the wax. For this purpose, it is not necessary to use a cotton swab or sharp object to try to remove wax. This can push wax deeper or cause injury as well.


medical treatment


Medical treatment that includes medication and surgery is effective for many types of hearing problems, especially conductive hearing loss. Before making any decisions, it is important to visit an audiologist for a final diagnosis of the type of hearing loss and treatment advice. The most common causes of conductive hearing loss are fluids in the middle ear, which can be with or without infection, and earwax blocks the ear canal. In some cases, when there is a bacterial infection in the middle ear, antibiotics are mainly used. These syndromes can often be recognized and treated by a general practitioner, but if the problem persists, it may require an ear specialist. Conductive hearing loss also occurs due to discomfort in the middle ear bones that can be treated with surgery.


Mechanical listening device (Hearing Aids)


If it is discovered that hearing loss cannot be medically treated, the doctor will recommend a mechanical listening device usually known as an hearing aid. This discussion quote will help determine which hearing aids or other helpful hearing devices are most appropriate. The choice of hearing depends on the lifestyle, listening needs and hearing problems.


Hearing and condensation devices


In some cases, it may be recommended that alarms or hearing aids be used in addition to headphones or as an alternative. Hearing aids have two types.


Signal or test monitors (works to convert audio or keystrokes into optical or vibrating stimuli)

Hearing Aids (These devices are implemented to improve the sound received by capturing sound near its source. This reduces the effects of distance, noise, and echo, and sends the sound directly to the ears or headphones.

Signalling and text display systems


Victims of hearing loss can benefit from signalling and replacement systems that convert sound or keystrokes to another mode, such as texts or flashing lights. These SharpEar systems consist of

·         Signaling and alarming systems

·         Phones

·         TV subtitles

Use of digital cell phones and hearing aids


A common complaint for users of hearing aids is not to use cell phones, especially digital mobile phones, with their hearing aids. Digital hearing aids are constantly being updated to protect against this interference. Cell phone technology is changing, too. In 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a report requiring a number of future actions by manufacturers and service providers to tune digital cordless phones that can be used effectively with hearing aids. .


Cochlear implant


A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that you can accompany to improve hearing for people with severe hearing loss. Cochlear implant is not a suitable remedy for normal hearing correction, it can allow a person to listen. The cochlear implant center at UCSF Medical Center has been involved in the development and design of cochlear implant systems for more than 30 years.


This article covers treatment of hearing loss SharpEar Supplement


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